imageWelcome to the home of BattleMaps.

This product makes it simple and quick to create detailed, expressive maps of battlefield engagements throughout history leaving you more time to spend on the important bit - the history itself.

PLEASE NOTE, BattleMaps is currently not being developed further. If you have a query, please do contact us but we are not planning further versions of the product at this time.

What is it?

“A tool for preparing, documenting, presenting and animating military actions”.

The software incorporates sequenced layers of standard accepted military symbols superimposed on to a terrain background to show the ebb and flow of battle. Each phase of the battle can be drawn and annotated separately. The map can then be examined or displayed in various ways to suit the requirements of the audience.

How do I get it?

You can download the latest version of BattleMaps by choosing DOWNLOAD from the menu above, or by clicking here. You can use BattleMaps completely free for 14 days to show how effective it is at solving your map-making needs. Then click BUY to buy the full version.